GA2020 Logo Narrative

The GA2020 logo shows a stylised Xanthorrhoea (‘black boy’) plant, in the shape of Sydney Opera House. The design was conceived by Blak Douglas (aka Adam Hill), a Sydney-based Aboriginal artist, and developed collaboratively with Greg Hosking from Monotron Creative. It is fitting that the design concept arises from collaboration with an Indigenous artist, given the GA2020 theme of ‘shared culture–shared heritage–shared responsibility’, as the design process itself has been a ‘shared’ task; both practically and culturally. The iconography picks up the ‘nature–culture journey’, which is a major GA2020 program element, reflecting the importance of recognising that even natural heritage places have Traditional Owners and cultural values. The recognisable shape of the Sydney Opera House, attests to more-recent cultural values, but is at the same time distinctively different from more usual Sydney Opera House iconography. The local name for the Xanthorrhoea is ‘Gadi’; reflected in the name of the ‘Gadigal’ people of the Eora Nation, the Traditional Owners of the land on which GA2020 will be held. 

The image of the Sydney Opera House is used under licence from the Sydney Opera House Trust.